Don’t Predict the Future, Design it!

  • Huge traction in the automotive space as sales of mid budget cars pick up — focus on integrating bot based messenger services to offset call center costs.
  • Focus on creating awareness and training around digitalization of all functions — IoT, Martech, Digital Twins, HSE.
  • Discussions around the EV ecosystem — value propositions and branding for EV public transport and battery manufacturers / distributors.
  • Customer touchpoint mapping for EV sales across multiple channels.
  • Small NBFCs wanting to go digital with a focus on optimising lead generation and service fulfillment at the last mile.
  • Larger NBFCs and banks focusing on end to end digital lending journeys for unsecured low value loans.
  • Vaccine manufacturing industry feeling the need to ramp up marketing implementation across the globe.
  • Rise of alternative medicine for mental health, sexual wellness, body hacking with supplements in various formats — Nootropics, Nutraceuticals, Ayurveda — and the need for market definition and branding.
  • Keeping employees engaged with a focus on “happiness” creation and career guidance.
  • Learning beyond technical skills.
  • Value proposition design for a new generation of e-learning platforms.
  • Gamification for motivation, but confused with gaming.
  1. Strategic forecasting is not very effective for near futures, but
  2. It’s great for digital transformation over a longer time frame



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Tarun Durga

Tarun Durga

I help people think clearly about the problems they want to solve & more creatively about the options they might not have considered. I also draw obsessively.